Saturday, July 27, 2013

07/27/13: Further review, looking for markets to go higher into 8/6

Upon further review, I realized an important part of the system needed some tweaking particularly when the last bar in the timing window overlaps with a large red or white candle.

The system looks at the previous bar before timing window and will help me determine what do at the timing window.  I didn't follow my system this go around which is a no-no if I want to get this to work on a more consistent basis.  The big red candle that occurred exactly on the timing window threw off what I was looking at.

In other words, we really should be long right now.

I am making a mental note that we should be long, and the mental short I had on should have been closed.  Counting this as a loss given I didn't follow the system.

Based on divergences, I am looking at markets moving up into 8/6 window.  This overlaps with a major timing window + new moon.  Might get interesting after 8/6.

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