Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/13: Current positions

Market fulfilled its IHS duties.  Since today we didn't correct, I'm guessing Monday/Tuesday we do to make up for it.  Afterwards, that retrace should be bought.

Long GDX/NUGT (gold miners):  targeting around 60s on NUGT thanksgiving time (may revise this to high 50s) (chart below)
Long TLT (20y bonds): targeting somewhere around 107-108 next week or so
Long SPXU (short SPX): since Friday didn't bottom, took a small position with tight stop

Closed Positions
Long EDC (emerging mkts): huge gap up today so closed the position and am waiting for retrace next few days to re-enter and go long again

Planning to put on position
Long UPRO: when SPX short term bottoms Monday/Tuesday (hopefully)

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