Monday, April 22, 2013

04/22/13: minimum tgt wave B reached, possible 1574 tomorrow?

There is a confluence of target areas indicating 1574 tomorrow end of day.

First of all, markets captured the 1560 zone which is the minimum to complete a normal wave B retrace.  It proceeded to advance to 1565 before taking a breather.

The next fib target is 1574 which is the 61.8% retracement of the entire wave A (I am currently labeling this as wave A of intermediate wave iv).  There are several intersection points here:

1.  1574 has been a strong horizontal resistance zone.
2.  IHS target is 1574 (neckline @ 1555 and head at 1536...1555-1536 = 19, 19+1555 = 1574)
3.  61.8% of 1597 to 1536 is 1574 as mentioned before
4.  The current wave B channel is pointing towards 1574, completing tomorrow 4/23.
5.  1574 is also the area of resistance of the downtrend line drawn from the broken neckline of the H&S @ 1597.

I am currently small short at the end of day to play a retrace to ~1556, but will cover and go long.

Note that in terms of the bigger picture, 50hourly is about to cross the 200hourly.  Secondly, there is a full moon on 4/25.

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